Ceiling Painting In Stylish Hues

If you are thinking to give your home a fresh new look, then no wonder home painting must be one of the things you would like to do. Give your home a stylish look by trying something apart from the normal and common Ceiling Painting Darwinwhite hues. White hues need to go off especially from the ceilings, but if you don’t know how then read on to know how we do you your Ceiling Painting in stylish hues. Alternatively please check out some of our paint design ideas and help.

Importance of Ceiling Painting in Home Decoration

Often people tend to neglect ceilings while planning a home décor, but remember that ceilings form a very important part of any room and this importance increases when the room is none other than a bedroom. It’s true that home painting can change the whole look of your home, but it is equally important to choose the right shades and hues for your room’s ceilings.

Try New Hues for Home Painting

Its time that, we should experiment with other stylish hues other than the traditional white ones that we have been using since ages to color our room ceilings. Following are the two main reasons for choosing white for home ceiling painting:

* White reflects light more than any other color.
* White goes well with almost all color-themes.

If you too, want these two factors to be there in your room, i.e., more reflection and matching, then go on with the whites but try different hues of whites. Market is now full of different hues of whites, ranging from subtle whites to cooler whites, blue-based whites and warm whites. If you want some idea’s visit our facebook.

The 8” Rule for Home Painting

Home painting can be made easier and appealing if you know the important 8” rule. This is one rule that can make a lower ceiling look higher. Once you know this rule, you will be able to choose the perfect paint color for your home painting. Mentioned below is the 8” rule:

* If the room ceiling is 8” high or under, then the ceiling should be painted with a shade lighter than the shade applied on the walls.

* If the room ceiling is higher than 8”, then the ceiling should be painted with a shade darker than the shade applied on the walls.

If you follow the 8” rule, you will notice that your room will give an illusion of a low ceiling room full of coziness. On the other hand, if you simply leave the ceiling white, it might appear unfinished and might destroy the whole look of your room.

Additions in Home Painting

Home painting, especially ceiling painting can be given a boost by adding a color that actually contrast with the color you have chosen for the walls. You need not be an interior designer or hire one for adding more glamour and beauty to your home painting, you can simply decide the colors for ceilings and walls keeping in mind the whole architecture and amount of natural light coming in your room. If you need more information about getting your ceiling painted why not contact us.