Home Painting: How to Select the Color

Paint colours play a very important role for every house. A good combination of colours makes a good house appear even better. Here are some tips which come in handy, for choosing paint colours for any house in Darwin:

Tips for choosing paint colours for Interior painting

  1. Keep the furniture, accessories and window treatments into account. A paint colour matching them is always a better choice. If you are about to choosing paint coloursget a new room painted, then you can go with the colour of your choice.
  2. The paint colour affects the room size too. Colours as, violet and green make the room appear larger. Warm colours as yellow and red should be avoided, as they make the room look small.
  3. There are trims on the wall of the rooms. You have two options available in such cases. You can paint the trim with different colour than that of the wall. This will emphasise the trim. You can also colour the trim with the same colour, to give it monochromatic appearance.
  4. Try to use dark and light shades of the same colour, in the house. It will harmonize the appearance of the entire house. If you use two extreme contrasting colours, they will appear to be clashing.

Just check the paint colours once, before buying them. You should see how they look in daylight and at night. This will give you an idea of, how the interior will appear after the application of paint.

These were some tips for choosing the paint for interior of the house. You need to be very careful while choosing the paint for exterior of the house too. Keep these points into consideration, whenever you buy exterior paint colour:

Tips for choosing the exterior paint colours for home painting

  1. The colours of the neighbouring houses are also very important. Just take care and see if the colour that you have chosen is compatible with the neighbouring houses too.
  2. The structure of the house too should be considered before choosing a colour. It is good to paint the decks, stones, bricks with some strong colours to give them rugged appearance.
  3. You should also take into account the popular colour for the exterior. Nowadays the most popular colour in America is White or Off White. You can also go for Brown or Tan colour, as they are mostly preferred.
  4. Get the entire building coloured with balanced colours. If an intense colour is used on one side, it will have lopsided appearance. Studies have revealed that dark colours are prone to easy fading. They absorb a lot of light and loose their intensity. Thus it is preferable to go for light colours. Get the colours which are durable. They should not loose their sheen in sunlight easily.
  5. You don’t need to pay much attention to the metal window paint. Their colour is not noticed most of the times. As these windows blend with the outside paint colour.

Use these tips for choosing the colours for your house. Make your abode look elegant! Or get other great painting advice in Darwin.